Printing a Givr to Redeem In Store

Please note: We strongly recommend you use your mobile device to redeem your Givr Gift Certificates. It is a lot easier than carting around a piece of paper, much better for the environment, and we’re 100% sure it’s easier than fighting with your printer. To redeem your Givr Gift Certificate digitally using your mobile device please read the How to Redeem section.

1) Sign in to your Givr account. (Hint: Look in the top right corner). If you’re having issues accessing your account, read the Your Account page and hopefully you will get everything sorted out.

2) After signing in, you should see a list of your Givr Gift Certificates. (If you don’t see the Givr Gift Certificate you were looking for, see our Help section.) Click on the Givr that you would like to redeem.

3) You can choose to print this page as you would normally (select Print from your browser’s menu), but since all browsers work differently, we will provide instructions for downloading a copy and then printing it from your PDF viewer. (You will need to download a PDF viewer software if you don’t have one installed on your computer. It’s free and pretty easy to do, so don’t be scared).

4) Using your PDF viewer software, choose print. In the print options menu, make sure the Givr is automatically sized to fit on one piece of paper. That way, it will display properly and won’t use more paper than it should. 

5) Bring in your newly minted Givr Gift Certificate to the vendor listed on it. They will verify the vendor code on it using their system, and if it hasn’t already been redeemed, will give you the credit indicated on the Givr.

6) The vendor updates that Givr in their system to reflect the amount redeemed and the amount remaining. Keep your printed Givr Gift Certificate until the full amount has been redeemed. Once the vendor updates a Givr to $0 remaining, the Givr will disappear from your account and you can put your printed copy in the nearest paper-recycling receptacle.

Still having issues with any of these processes? Contact support at

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