How to Redeem a Givr Certificate

Please note: If you would like to redeem your Givr Gift Certificate digitally using your mobile device, read on. If you would like to print it out on paper, please read the Printing A Givr section.
Please also note: If you do not yet have a Givr account, please see the
How to Claim section for instructions on setting up an account to claim your Givr Gift Certificate. 

1) Sign in to your Givr account on your mobile device. (Hint: Look in the top right corner). If you’re having issues accessing your account, read all about Your Account and follow the lovely instructions there.

2) After signing in, you should see a list of your Givr Gift Certificates waiting patiently for redemption on your Account Summary page. 

3) Click on the Givr that you would like to redeem and show this page to the vendor indicated on the Givr Gift Certificate.

4) The vendor will verify the vendor code on it using their system, and if it hasn’t already been redeemed, will give you the credit indicated on the Givr.

5) The vendor updates that Givr to reflect the amount redeemed and the amount remaining. Once the vendor updates a Givr to $0 remaining, the Givr will disappear from your account.

Still having issues with any of these processes? Contact support at

Don’t have any Givr Gift Certificates yet? Givr one to yourself now, then go tell your friends about us so they can Givr you one too.

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