How to Buy a Givr Certificate

1) Shop for the perfect Givr retailer for that special someone. When you find it, click on Buy A Givr Certificate. Or just scroll down the page a bit – either way. 

2) Give us your info so we can sign you into or create your account – this makes it easier to keep track of your purchases for when you forget about them. (Don’t tell us you don’t have unused gift cards kicking around).

3) After signing up/in:

a) You can choose who you want your Givr Certificate to be “from”. You can keep it as your real name, enter in one of your alter egos, or even pretend to be Santa. 

b) You can also choose who you want to get the Givr Certificate “for”. If it’s yourself, we’ll email it to you as soon as we’re done our coffee. If it’s for a friend, enter in their name, correct email address and a message telling them how awesome they are. If it’s a frenemy, feel free to be as condescending as possible. 

c) Choose whether you want to give it to your friend immediately, at a later time (no more missed birthdays!) or not at all. If you choose this option, the Givr Certificate will be waiting in your account for another day. 

4) Select the amount you want your Givr Certificate to be (increments between $25 - $500) and click Purchase with Paypal. Then we hand you off to the Paypal people to process the transaction.

5) Confirm your purchase was processed by viewing your gifted Givrs in your account. Simply click on your name in the top right corner, click Account Summary, and voila – your Givrs will magically appear. 

6) Rinse and repeat.

Still having issues with any of these processes? Contact support at

Don’t have any Givr Gift Certificates yet? Givr one to yourself now, then go tell your friends about us so they can Givr you one too.

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